Hi there, I'm Marf.

This is pretty much my spot on the internet, however as of yet i haven't found anything to put here.

I'm a Full time Linux Sysadmin and Programmer. As i'm also into electronics, I also have some intrests in embedded hardware. And have some intrests in HamRadio.


You might be also know me for SweetNyanCraft. It was a Minecraft server I used to own myself in 2011 until 2015, had many reboots which all failed. in 2020 I decided to fully shut it down.

But you also might know me from Xisumavoid, I'm a semi-active administrator there. Currently not doing much anymore as i used to in the past. Only maintining the server part of Hermitcraft as of now. Nothing else as of today.

You also might know me from Shamblecraft, I'm an administrator there as well. A free to join Survival Multiplayer Server. also have a Creative Plotworld to enjoy.

You could find me on:
Github - Twitter

On twitter you can find me pretty much, but i'm not really that active there anymore.

On github you can find my open-source projects. However I work on closed software at work most of the time.

On HAM Radio: -

Discord: Crazymarf#8889

Updated on: 2022-JUN-28