Hi there, I'm Marf.

This is pretty much my spot on the internet, however as of yet i haven't found anything to put here.

I'm a Head sysadmin for the company i work for, still does some minimal programming. Also do so sysadmin as a hobby.
Since 2020 i'm working to get my HAM radio licence. so this site might change finally that i found something useful to put here.

Currently as i'm not a Licenced Ham radio operator yet, But i'm already experimenting with antenna's with my SDR. and when i do have my licence, i will be on FT8. And i'm planning to turn this into a blog for ham radio and programming probably.


You might be also know me for SweetNyanCraft. It was a Minecraft server I used to own myself in 2011 until 2015. at the time I was pretty young. Because of my own stupidiy i lost the first world and the second world due s harddrive crash. There is however a video somewhere that did show the second world, but its lost for me sadly. On the server we also had on every friday an Event for everyone to take part of named Zombierun where i took the idea from Zombierun in Habbo Hotel. Where you are in random rooms you can go to but there are zombies you need to keep away from before they kill you. then took it in Minecraft with a big mansion where every week, we change the flooring, walls, etc to make it a new one every week. during Minecraft 1.2 i had to reset the world because of plugin API changes to Craftbukkit at the time. and making the server a premium server only, before cracked players where able to join but it caused loads of problems like griefers, this was 80% already stopped due to my pretty genius at the time anti-griefing system, but i wanted that everyone had a valid Minecraft account
from that point on I kept the worlds as dear to my heart, they're a window to my past and for many others that played on the server. If you want those worlds and you're from the server, you can contact me on discord and twitter if you please.
Later in 2016 me and a great friend of mine tried to reboot the server but sadly it didnt had much as a success before, but still had loads of fun playing minecraft with a group of friends. we really never put much efford to draw in new players as it was already very hard to get that in a oversaturated time, when there where thousends of minecraft servers to compete againt. Back in 2011, it was pretty easy to do as it was the golden age of the game, there where not many servers that where Dutch-Only at the time. this caused to build a pretty solid community back then.

But you also might know me from Xisumavoid, I'm a semi-active administrator there. Currently not doing much anymore as i used to in the past. Only maintining the server part of Hermitcraft as of now. Nothing else as of today.

You also might know me from Shamblecraft, I'm an administrator there as well. A free to join Survival Multiplayer Server. also have a Creative Plotworld to enjoy.

You could find me on:
Github - Twitter

On twitter you can find me pretty much, but I do like to rant and shitpost alot.

On github you can find my open-source projects. However I work on closed software at work most of the time. so there is not much activity on my github. Most of my work are on my private git server that is not public.

On HAM Radio: Waiting for callsign

Discord: Crazymarf#0001

Updated on: 2020-OCT-7