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Hi there, I'm Marf.

This is pretty much my spot on the internet, however as of yet i haven't found anything to put here. I'm a Full time Sysadmin and Programmer, and a Linux Nerd. As i'm also into electronics, I also have some intrests in embedded hardware. And have some intrests in HamRadio. I also have a softspot for old Computers.

Final Fantasy 14

Currently i've been sucked in a MMO called Final Fantasy 14. i like to make photographs in-game with some tools. when the page is ready you can view them in the menu.


My first time when i encountered Linux was a youtube video where someone was showing off their Ubuntu 6.04/6.10 desktop, Sadly the music has been removed because of copyright. This is where it all started.
My first Linux distro is ofcourse Ubuntu. I used Ubuntu until they started to push snap i had a terrible experience with snap. This made me switch to Debian for some time.
Later i switched to Manjaro, then to ArchLinux which i still use today.

Retro computers

I have a small collection of some retro machines. my current collection is: You can find more about my retro computers on my Retro Stuff page (However the page not online yet). Including about my 486 Dx2 that was saved before it got scrapped, it was from a elementary school i think, it has drawings saved on the disk that was been made with windows 3.1's paintbrush (MSPaint).


You might be also know me for SweetNyanCraft. It was a Minecraft server that was a Survival Free2Build. I used hosted myself in mid 2011 until 2015, had many reboots which all failed. in 2020 I decided to pull the plug. in 2022 i cancelled the domain, however someone bought it, this is not me. in 2024, i recoverd the domain for archival reasons. SweetNyanCraft has its own dedicated page on the menu if you want to know more, read the history, world downloads and site backups.

But you also might know me from Xisumavoid, I used to be a administrator in my spare time, I mainly maintained LPMT season 1, and in my later years the famous Hermitcraft server. I left the staff team in september 2022 to focus on other things.

You also might know me from Shamblecraft, I'm an administrator there but i'm not active on the server, only keeping the backend running. Fun fact it has some code from SweetNyanCraft ;)

Habbo Private servers

I also had some intrests with private habbo servers, My Hotel was called Tomb Hotel (The name was a joke, as the server software was unstable :P. but kept it) this is where i mostly learned C# because of holographic emulator, it was alot of fun, I also added a feature that you could turn into a Cat, Dog or a crocodille.
It was mostly a friends only server. I also learned to make custom furniture. but because of Sulake started to breakdown on private servers and I started to play Minecraft alot more I decided to scrap all of it in 2011.

They still seem to exist today in 2023, but i'm not sure for how long. Many of the offices across the globe has vanished, and the old moderator team is replaced. it is never been as active as 10 years ago. They also seemed to merged all of the hotels into one.

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